Friday, March 23, 2007


I remember starting an e-zine for my high school many years ago (when such things were not yet common and were called "e-zines") and subsequently doing my senior year project on the rise (or not) of the e-book.

I was thus fascinated by Geeksugar's poll on whether people would read books online. When I last checked, 57% of visitors said they would not read books online (although 24% are willing to give it a try).

Relatedly, I recently browsed Google Book Search, which is trying to archive books online. Most of the titles I searched were only available with limited view (which was free and so I got a better view than I would have gotten otherwise...).

I recall a case study in my entrepreneurship class about ebook readers and difficulties with compatibility across different hardware. It was an interesting glimpse into the difficulties faced by start-ups that are trying to enter a market where they need to interact with many different players (i.e. authors/publishers, distributors, etc.) to which the start-ups have limited access.

So, apart from difficulties with users willing to adopt new technologies, start-ups in the area have to deal with various barriers to entry resulting from dispersion of resources and potential partners (and one of the competitors already in the market was Microsoft...).


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Interesting subject.


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