Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Playing Games

I recently attended the Game Change Summit held at the scenic Kingbridge Centre.

The objective of the summit was to discuss how games are changing the business and educational playing fields (pun intended). It was a fascinating journey that involved brainstorming with a very diverse group about how to leverage the power of games to learn and connect.

An example of such a game is the FIRST Robotics Competition (or, rather, "co-opetition") where high school students learn about communication skills, gracious professionalism, and teamwork while competing in various games. The Competition has garnered a large community across North America and thousands of students now participate - learning while playing.

I've been familiar with the concept of experiential learning for some time, but the Summit made me aware of the phenomenal possibilities of virtual games to model real-life situations. I've also become aware of the increasing prominence of the topic. For example, Business Week devotes an entire portlet to the subject.

How do you think we can harness the power of play to learn and connect with others?


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