Wednesday, April 08, 2009

BrainBuzz Overview

The second part of the YII Conference was the BrainBuzz™ on Saturday, where we brainstormed solutions to five technology challenges. The technology challenge case studies were:

1. A passive solar tracking system, submitted for the BrainBuzz™ by Eden Full of Dynamic Photovoltaics. Eden's submission came to us from Ashoka's Changemakers program. Eden is a high school student from Calgary.

2. The Keepon robot from BeatBots, presented by Marek Michalowski, the company's co-founder and doctoral student in the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University.

3. XoutTB, a device that encourages compliance to the course of treatment for tuberculosis. The technology is in development by the Innovations in International Health (IIH) Group at MIT and was presented by Jose Gomez-Marquez.

4. A solar autoclave for sterilizing medical instruments in the field developed by a group of students from Dayton University in Ohio who run Salud del Sol.

5. GlucoVend, a self-service patient kiosk for checking glucose levels, also from the IIH at MIT.

Take a glimpse at the sessions:

Here is what one of our facilitators and had to say about the event:
"I had a terrific experience at the 5th Inventing the Future Conference. The variety of activities and opportunities to collaborate with other participants far exceeded my expectations. I especially enjoyed the high-energy BrainBuzz event and have already made plans to employ this activity in my organization." - Evan Anderson, Director of Prototyping Services, WidgetWorks

And some words from the participants:
"I love the, interactive, get to meet other people, etc."
"Stimulating, challenging, fun, fast-paced"
"Fun, cool, new, interesting"
"I loved the ideas people had!"
"Reflective, moving, fun"
"Teamwork, exciting, new ideas"